A.I. & Machine Learning

We deeply integrate A.I., machine learning, and robotics solutions for the enterprise and beyond.

We are a group of engineers and researchers who live and breathe innovation. We develop smart software and hardware solutions to solve complex problems in the industry — so more of your resources can be invested towards satisfying your customers and employees.

Our Portfolio

RUSH – Incoming Job
“I am looking for lawn mowing”
Accept / Deny


Imagine if you could get help with anything with one tap, from someone to cut your grass at home to a technician or engineer to fix your machines at work. Just tap and ask for what you want.

Staff Cloud

Staffing agencies, need to know who is available to take a shift? Find out instantly – from your customer’s request to a filled shift in under a minute.

Call Center / Phone Automation

Surya Tech develops A.I.-powered customer service representatives, purpose-built for your agency and brand, capable of handling any number of your customers’ demands — without the steep price tag that comes with human operators. On-premise or in the cloud.

Smart Home & IoT

With nationwide 5G networks around the corner and more WiFi-enabled Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant-compatible devices hitting the market than ever, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to fit in our highly interconnected world. Whether you want to invent the next drone delivery system or design a cool new gadget for consumers and/or the industry, we can build it right.


Our love affair isn’t just with software. Our engineers and roboticists are on a top-secret mission that will benefit all of humanity. Sshhh, keep it under wraps, but it’s big.

Mobile App Development

If you need Android and iOS apps developed for your company, right here in the U.S. with American engineers, and without having to sell a kidney, you’ve found the right place. We can build fully native apps for the enterprise and industry. Make our team a part of yours.

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