History of Surya Tech

Surya Tech was founded in 2018. Our founder, Ashok Patel, has a printed circuit board factory, and Surya Tech was started to innovate solutions to complex issues that SMBs face, from automation to diagnostics. Surya Tech specializes in software, cloud, mobile apps, machine learning, and IoT — the precise combination that companies need to innovate and stay ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving landscape.

Our Journey

Surya Tech's mission is to create positive change in the world through innovation. Surya Tech is a Delaware company. In 2018, we opened offices in Chicago and San Franscisco. Since then, we've helped clients all across the United States and Europe build innovative solutions, from mobile apps to Internet of Things (IoT) to cloud-based software with AI and machine learning.
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Fun Facts

Satisfaction Guarantee
Over a dozen AI, web, cloud, and mobile apps completed
Average Budget
Our average project is $250,000
Average TTM
Our average time-to-market is 60 days

Embracing New Technology

We actively engage with educational institutions to keep our team members educated in the latest cutting-edge research in the realm of AI/ML, IoT / robotics, software, and cloud, with continuous schooling, research collaborations, hackathons, seminars, and more as part of the standard employee curriculum.
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What lies ahead

We believe that true disruption and positive change occurs through collaboration. Through our clients and partners, we are working on numerous solutions in medicine, auto auctions, staffing, law enforcement, and more. We love bringing in fresh new ideas to the table, and we believe that there are plenty of new opportunities to innovate at the pace that research is moving forward today.
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Collaborate together to create novel solutions.
Apply the latest in machine learning, software, cloud, and IoT / robotics.
Disrupt the industry with new applications and ways of thinking.