Intellectual Property Protection

We've helped our clients not only build their dream technologies, but also protect them by partnering with law firms and helping to draft technical / engineering patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Intellectual Property Protection

You worked hard and invested a lot of time, effort, and capital in building your technology. Let us help you go the full nine yards by assisting with utility and design patenting at both the USPTO level and the PCT level.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We sign NDAs with prospective clients. We believe in true partnerships. Let us become your technology arm.

Title Transfer Process

When the project is complete, we will transfer all credentials and projects (e.g. access to the Github repository, cloud projects, databases, etc.), and of course set everything up in terms of DNS and production launch. Most of our projects are developed for you, which means you keep all of your rights and source code to the technology. (Exceptions include your interested utilization of third-party APIs or Surya-specific backends, which will be discussed upfront prior to project starting.)

IP in Custom Software Development

Since virtually all of our development is from scratch using cutting-edge technologies like Angular, TypeScript, SCSS, .NET Core, Docker, Google Cloud / AWS / Azure, C++ (often for embedded IoT firmware development), and more, your unique technological solution can often be patented. Surya Tech will help protect your intellectual property.

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