Agile Development Process

We leverage agile frameworks and integrate iterative approaches to keep you engaged every step of the way — we build software in a way that allows for adjustments to the project on a regular basis, allowing you to learn and experiment with minimal overhead.

What are the benefits of Agile?

Agile is an iterative and incremental system of development and project management. It keeps teams engaged in an evolving business and technical landscape while continuously maintaining focus on the rapid delivery of business value. The methodologies used in Agile project management (SCRUM, XP, Kanban, etc.) all follow the Agile Manifesto that is rooted in customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, integrated business and engineering teams, technical excellence, simplicity, and quality.

How does Surya Tech use Agile?

Surya heavily uses SCRUM and Agile internally. We utilize Jira for backlog management, we storypoint BLIs, plan sprints, and more, ensuring that clients have a reliable timeline for development services. Our machine learning team utilizes a similar test-driven process ensuring that clients have deliverables that can be tested on a regular basis.

Client involvement with Agile

Every client gets an invite to our private Slack workspace, where clients can privately engage with every team member from backend to frontend to management and see their project come to life right before their eyes, all while providing input and guidance and ensuring that their product achieves their vision.

Ongoing Agile Support

We've worked with hundreds of clients with various business needs and internal processes. Agile is a much faster and integrated process than some clients may be used to, but we will work with your pace, whether you prefer to be hands-free or hands-on during development.
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