Cloud & Backend
Whether you're building a next-generation web app or the next big mobile app, all of the sensitive parts of your application live in the back end or server-side portion of your application. This includes database access, internal business logic, to even your extensive machine learning models

A long time ago, legacy applications were built to run on a single server. However, today's modern cloud-based apps are instead architected via a suite of technologies like container clusters and serverless cloud functions.

Thus, instead of simply balancing load across a group of templated virtual machines (VMs), engineers today are harnessing containerized architectures and microservices to build systems. These systems are easier to manage, more fault-tolerant, more lightweight, and faster to deploy and control than ever before.
At Surya, we combine mainstream and bleeding-edge multidisciplinary research with architecturally-sound engineering to create smart cloud-native systems that predict, react, and interact intelligently.

We help both startups and Fortune 500 companies alike engineer demanding, world-class systems to solve unique business challenges.
We specialize in:
Developing massively scalable RESTful APIs that seamlessly integrate with cloud technologies, sensitive machine learning systems (from complex vision/audio systems to chatbots), credit cards and ACH processing APIs like Stripe, Braintree, and Dwolla, government APIs, shipping APIs like UPS, FedEx, and USPS, transactional and marketing email platforms like SendGrid and MailChimp, SMS and voice gateways like Twilio, and much more.
Deploying and managing clustered multi-server and multi-availability-zone NoSQL / SQL database systems for MongoDB, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Redis, and more.
Fully integrating with cloud storage solutions like Google Cloud Storage.
Engineering real-time and responsive systems with websockets and push notifications.
Enabling high-speed processing of data to drive insights with AI and scale up fast.
Migrating legacy backend systems to modern containerized architectures in the cloud.
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