IoT, Hardware, Robotics

Leverage Surya's expertise to build and patent your Internet of Things (IoT) & robotics solutions, seamlessly blending in AI, machine learning, cloud, 5G, and more.

Process edge-device sensor data in real-time. Predict outcomes with machine learning. Engineer and deploy customized smart cameras that analyze traffic, track pedestrians, identify safety threats, measure KPIs. We can even help manage virtual shopping carts and cashier-less checkouts. Surya can help your business implement and deliver high-value outcomes — all you need is an idea or question to get started.

AI in Manufacturing. AI is a foundation for Manufacturing 4.0. Surya can help your business integrate physical processes into a seamless digital on-premise or multi-cloud-connected flow. This can include data-driven, machine learning-powered anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, visual KPI-tracking dashboards with indicators, sensor analysis and aggregation (from time series to video), quality assurance, yield optimization, and more. We build AI-based systems that are tailor-fit to your business, your machines, and your people. We help to optimize your process flows and enhancing your productivity — like a designer suit. Make technology work for you. As your AI, cloud, software, and hardware partner, Surya specializes in developing customized solutions that benefit from the mass scale and potential of modern technologies while seamlessly integrating with who you are.

Future-proof your technology. Surya designs enterprise-grade, standard, accessible, and open components, allowing for easy future development without tech handicaps. Our full-stack approach centers around cloud architectures, .NET Core, Angular, Docker, MongoDB, and more, with encryption at rest and in motion. This includes the seamless integration of machines with streaming IoT cores, assuring that your apps will survive and grow with the evolving industrial landscape. By leveraging our own two high-performance ITAR-approved domestic U.S. facilities, you can be assured that Surya will be able to match your expectations by helping you take your product from concept to production. We also ensure your product builds and performs exactly like the prototype, reducing costly returns, and improving customer satisfaction. From concept to prototype to MVP and beyond, Surya has your back every step of the way.


Wearables, smart homes, smart cities, and more. Surya helps clients develop wearable tech and engineer novel smart home / smart city appliances and hardware. From Alexa, Google Home, and Siri / HomeKit integrations to fully custom AI-enabled analytics and cloud-based dashboards, Surya can help design, prototype, patent, and manufacture your next-gen idea. We help you every step of the way. Surya services the full stack: frontend, backend/cloud, embedded / firmware engineering, hardware prototyping, including seamless Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile / 5G connectivity (IoT), all the way to quick-turn manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) via our own two high-performance ITAR-approved domestic U.S. facilities. Surya will guide you from concept to prototype to production. We value partnerships over one-and-done projects, so be assured that Surya will never leave in the middle of an engagement — it is our commitment to success.


Robotics. We build systems that interact in complex, unstructured, physics-constrained environments, automatically handle incomplete, distorted, and noisy sensor data, operate in low-power scenarios, and more. We build custom manipulators with multiple degrees of freedom (DOF), tailored to the task at hand, with appropriate actuators and end effectors to achieve the desired level of speed, accuracy, and strength required of the robot to accomplish the task at hand.