Solutions for Fintech
We help our partners to create secure and reliable fintech solutions for their end-clients. We solve problems in banking, insurance, and digital and mobile payments.
4 principles of good #fintech
— 01 —
Security and compliance with cryptographically-sound design
— 02 —
Automate business processes with AI to lower costs and save time
— 03 —
React to rapidly fluctuating market conditions and manage risks
— 04 —
Engineer scalable, connected systems, harnessing the latest in AI, IoT, and more
Our Solutions
Integrated business intelligence
Personal finance software
Wealth management solutions
Claims management
Consumer banking
Cryptocurrency / Blockchain
Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending
Online trading platform / marketplace
Fraud detection systems
Mobile payments / mobile point-of-sale systems (mPOS)
There are numerous other use cases. We’re happy to tell you about all of them.
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Artificial Intelligence for the Financial Industry

How A.I. can be used in Fintech Industry?

From business intelligence, fraud detection, call center agents / chatbots, market trends / risk analysis, and more, AI plays a diverse role in the modern financial industry. Customers are becoming comfortable with (and reliant on) the cost-efficient and intelligent systems that AI enables.

How secure is A.I. when processing financial data?

Without a doubt, AI has proven itself in the financial industry, and more and more corporations are investing in AI to reduce manpower, speed up operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

How can Surya help me?

We are machine learning experts empowering leading organizations with intelligent, cloud-based software and hardware (Internet of Things / IoT). By applying the latest in AI research, we keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.
Our proprietary technology helps financial experts around the world make better strategic decisions.
With crypograhically-sound design, security, and compliance as first-class citizens, we help clients navigate a rapidly-evolving financial landscape, reduce costs, and react to rapidly fluctuating market conditions.
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