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The next generation of medicine doesn't just happen at the doctor's office. With smart Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), medicine happens everywhere — from home to gym — with cutting-edge artificial intelligence that detects disease and predicts it.
Artificial Intelligence for the Health Industry

How can AI be used in healthcare?

From identifying cancer in 3D scans (CT images / multiple axial slices) to detecting potential heart attacks before they happen, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing medicine. Surya's specialty is in the development of hardware / IoT products. It seamlessly blends AI, cloud, and hardware to help our partners engineer, patent, and then deploy life-saving solutions, all while exceeding compliance requirements for medical devices. From concept to prototype, from MVP to pre-market notification (510(k)) and pre-market approval (PMA), we're passionate about saving lives. We'll be together with you every step of the way.

How reliable is AI when processing medical data?

Research shows that deep learning models can match or exceed the diagnostic accuracies of human experts. It's only getting better and better by the day, based on past data. We've found that significant improvements happen to be only a research paper or two away from our experience. There's never been a better time to get involved.

Are you able to work on robotics?

Absolutely! Our team is extremely passionate about robotics. Whether it's working on prosthetics or building robotic systems, our team can help you get it done right. Helping our citizens and our military lead happy and independent lives are something that we care deeply about as a company.

How can I get started?

Contact us for a free consultation. We help doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies engineer novel solutions in their niche, applying the latest biotech and AI research.
We aid medical experts around the world on their quest to build a better future for humanity.
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Skin cancer early dection algorithm
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Telemedical solutions
There are numerous more use cases. We’re happy to tell you about all of them.
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